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Patients appreciate the unhurried, extended visits, individual attention, and the warm, peaceful atmosphere at our office, but we are available outside of the office as well!

Email communication has become enormously popular in our practice. Patients enjoy our prompt responses to their questions and the simplicity of communicating with our office via email. So much can be handled without appointments that use of email often avoids the inefficiencies of ‘phone tag’ and of time consuming, costly, and repetitive visits to the office/emergency room/urgent care. This means more patient convenience/cost savings due to less office visits - email consultation/communication is more efficient and therefore less expensive than phone consultation, so any charges (if any) incurred will be much lower.

Many patients prefer the peace of mind that comes from knowing they can contact their doctor with medical questions after office hours, any day of the week from anywhere in the world via the internet. There is great security in knowing you can reach your doctor daily and get a timely reply, recommending treatment and offering advice. Therefore, as a special service, you may also contact us after hours by email. We monitor our email periodically after hours including weekends and Holidays (unless we are on a true vacation) to assist you with any medical issues that cannot wait until normal office hours.

You can still use this option even if you don’t have email yourself by asking a family member or friend to contact us on your behalf.

We provide another very important advising service that may at some point be important to you. Should you, a family member, or someone you know face surgery or a medical condition that is causing uncertainty or confusion, we are available to consult and advise you regarding the problem – even if we are not involved in the treatment directly. We will research the best solutions/options and alternatives, the best physicians to consult, and the best facilities to use (local, national, or even international). For example, by arranging an expert opinion for one of our Los Angeles area patients, he avoided a potentially dangerous surgery to his
vocal cords.

For patients who live part time in the Monterey area or travel frequently, we are happy to assist whenever we are needed and coordinate with your physicians who care for you out of the area.

Our goal is to minimize repetitive office visits to save you time and cost. This is only possible because we do not contract with insurance companies. There are insurance restrictions on how many procedures or issues can be handled or how much time can be spent.

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