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Jim Vawter, M.D. is a private pilot with more than 4000 hours in various aircraft. He is a member of the Monterey Sheriff’s Aero Squadron, Salinas Operators and Pilots Association, AOPA, and various other pilot organizations. He especially loves Mountain Flying and grass strips.

He is an FAA appointed Aviation Medical Examiner for First, Second, and Third Class Medical Certificates. His goal in evaluation of the pilot is to “get them flying, or keep them flying” within the guidelines of the Federal Aviation Regulations. He has helped many pilots with complicated medical conditions qualify for, or regain their Medical Certificate. He enjoys seeing pilots in his office, and many of those he has seen for their FAA evaluation have become his private patients as well.

AOPA Re: Medical Certificate

FAA Re: Medical Certificate

Monterey County Sheriff's Aero Squadron  

Experimental Aircraft Association   

Salinas Owners & Pilots Association    

Dr. Vawter

530 Ramona Ave., Monterey, CA 93940      831.647.8700      Fax 831.647.8296

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