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Karen M. Tierney, MD, James S. Vawter, M.D.




Our medical practice offers unique and comprehensive services patients appreciate and value, especially if you would like to spend more time with AND easily contact your doctors.

Our patients enjoy personalized medical services in an intimate, two physician office designed for privacy in a warm and peaceful setting. We offer our patients unusual benefits such as extended visits and direct physician contact via email – daily, including after office hours.

Our physicians have practiced together in Monterey for over 25 years, and offer complementary skills to their patients.
Dr. Tierney is Board Certified in Family Practice, with special training in Gynecology, Psychology, and Dermatology. Dr. Vawter is Board Certified in both Family Practice and Emergency Medicine, with special training in Orthopedics/ Sports, Emergency, and Aviation Medicine.

We have uniquely broad training and experience, having previously practiced Outpatient, Inpatient (Hospital), Obstetrics, and Emergency Medicine in a variety of facilities and settings (including rural and urban). As a result, we manage the vast majority of your healthcare needs right in our own facility, but we also recognize the necessity for specialty referral when indicated.

Our scheduling is designed to allow a proper amount of time for your doctor’s visit. You will not feel rushed at our office, and neither will we.

You may determine the length of your visit based on your needs and budget (e.g. brief medical consultation, extended physical examination, etc.). If desired, you may choose to email us with medical concerns, and contact your doctor 7 days a week after normal office hours via email.

If direct examination is not necessary to handle your problem/concerns, we offer phone consultations, fax and email communication (this is ideal for patients who travel or live out of the area). Wherever you are in the world, we are only an email away!

530 Ramona Ave., Monterey, CA 93940      831.647.8700      Fax 831.647.8296

Tierney Vawter Medical Corporation